We who
welcome all!
All our visitors have entire freedom of faith and
are asked to allow others to practice freely.
We encourage open discussion, and help for all,
We govern our organization - including wording,
stipends and other expenditures, volunteering,
questions asked and answered, and all other
decisions - openly through voting and
brain-storming by all in the guest books, bulletin
posts and e-mails.
We have no membership requirement, and we
wish to include all as members.
We learn from our past loved ones - in heavens
or not.
We hope for representation for those who are
deemed human, and also for all those who are
We think that hearing and helping and voting with
all helps us to transcend human misconceptions.
We are sure that giving all- human or otherwise-
the opportunity to have a voice and a vote will
give us the eternal love
we all need!

Legal Info:

We, mostly citizens of the United States, form a
non-profit church (place of worship) as a
tax-exempt organization following IRS 501(c)3
tax code. The name of this church is the
heavens. Our principal office is in the Town of
Randolph, Ma, Norfolk County. This
organization's purpose is exclusively the
advancement of the heavens.
We will receive public support as defined by
501(c)3 Code and will receive  tax-deductible
donations under section 170(c)2 of the Internal
Revenue Code and corresponding state and
federal tax code..We will receive tax-deductible
donations through an online donations button that
makes credit card use simple. We will receive
checks and money orders by regular mail. We
will eagerly respond to offer of other types of
donations through email, phone and other regular
correspondence. We will carefully make sure we
adhere to all rules applying to church donations
under 501(c)3 and all future laws and tax codes.
We may share funds with, or receive funds from,
other organizations that are exempt under
section 501(c)3.
We will compensate persons reasonably in our
quest to advance the heavens. None of this  
organization's net earnings and assets will inure
to private individuals nor private organizations nor
private interests. No creator, family member of
creators, shareholders nor any other person will
control benefits for profit. We will not
overcompensate nor benefit any person nor
organization excessively, nor profit, nor act in any
way that would violate  501(c)3 non-profit Code.
We will not substantially affect legislation, make
nor distribute political statements, carry on
propaganda, intervene in political elections, be a
part of political campaigns, nor effect contests
for public office.
We plan to receive tax-deductible donations as
allowed by our church status.
We realize that we will follow all section 501(c)3
rules and laws, as well as rules and established
by all US courts and future tax codes.
We will not violate laws nor public policies.
We will not in any substantial way act other than
in our here-stated purposes.
Upon dissolution of this organization, the assets
of this organization shall be distributed to the
United States federal government for public
purposes, as allowed by current and future tax
and court rules and laws. A Court of Competent
Jurisdiction of the county of which this
organization's principal office is located must
have assets distributed to the US federal
government if we dissolve.

As witnesses,

in February, 2010

Thank you!